Thursday, 29 October 2015

Choice of Scale

Now you would imagine that this would be Fairly straight forward. We all have our own favorites for doing different things in and can usually come too a decision as to what will work best with each project.

Well for this I wanted to start from scratch, bloody so I didn't have to comprise to fit in with what I already had. So the process started, the rules I had ( albeit in an old form) and the other criteria were set out.

1. Achievable goals. As I had lapsed badly from all gaming over the past few years I didn't want something that would be too daunting.
2. Cost. This is just going to be me and funds are tight.
3. Size. I live mostly alone in my flat. There is a large area which I can use for gaming but there is very little storage space.
4. The look of the thing. This is very important to me, I wanted it to look add good as it can. Mainly because that is where my interest is now but also because gaming options are very limited.

So taking all that into consideration:
28mm - Figures look fantastic but there is a huge compromise between unit size and terrain features.
15mm - Lots of nice figures and far less compromise but they have never grabbed me.
10mm - As 15mm but with less choice
6mm - Decent ranges of figures and even less compromise. Generally my favorite scale for the period.
3mm - One new range of lovely figures and very little compromise on unit size vs terrain.

And to be honest 3mm was winning. I placed an order for some packs to see the figures first hand and, while waiting for them to arrive, set off to try out some terrain ideas. It worked, it really worked! Woods, buildings, fields and roads. All were doable to a level I was happy with, that fitted into the cost of the project, and gave the vision that I wanted.

Then the figures arrived....and they were everything that I expected. However I just cannot paint them. I've tried several different ways but not one of them looks even half way decent. Especially considering the amount of time out takes me to do them. Even basing up a battalion of 120+ figures didn't do it for me. It was all very frustrating but there was nothing for it, 3mm was out

So back to the old favourite of 6mm. This will need some adjustment to the terrain ideas and the ground scale but nothing earth shattering. In fact as it's easier to vary the basing on 6mm compared to 3mm I think I can shrink a battalions frontage down by 25% this giving me more space on the table while also keeping the close packed look for the units. The ideas for roads will still work although those for buildings and woods will need to be adjusted.

Onwards and upwards...

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


That is a question that I ask a lot in life these days, but in regard to setting up this blog ( do people still blog these days?) I at least know.
Anyway in an attempt to get some balance back into my life and ignite a spark of interest in my old favored hobby I'm going to see if I can get back to playing my old favourite period of Napoleonics.
The rules I'm choosing are in the blog title and I'm going to do it in6mm. I will explain all these choices in future posts but for now that's what they are. And I will be staying from scratch regardless of the fact that, somewhere, I have enough 6mm Napoleonics available to satisfy most needs. Again explosions will be forth coming!